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Baker's Dozen

Diabolical Crackers: Trans Am's Favourite Albums
The Quietus , September 8th, 2014 07:51

With new LP Volume X just out, the Washington D.C. trio split the top albums rundown three ways and self-pen us their Baker's Dozen


Trio - Trio And Error
Sebastian Thomson: I can get into all sorts of technical and proggy music... I love Magma and Meshuggah... but this album appeals to my pop side. So simple it's almost childlike, but yet so catchy and arty. I love the deadpan Teutonic delivery, the stripped down instrumentation, and the bittersweet feel. Every song is hooky, deceptively straightforward and yet performed with perfect intention. I especially love Trio's appearances on live German TV in the early 80s. They are definitely worth a trip to YouTube. I can see similarities between their sense of humour and ours.