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WATCH: British Murder Boys Trailer
Luke Turner , August 18th, 2014 05:38

Preview for forthcoming DVD of Regis & Surgeon's BMB farewell gig

Earlier this year, Regis and Surgeon released an absolutely storming 12" edit of their final British Murder Boys performance, which took place in Tokyo, Japan in April 2013. Now, we're promised that the main event is only just around the corner. The trailer for British Murder Boys' Live In Japan DVD can be watched above. Featuring Catholic ceremonial robes, dry ice, abuse of a floor tom and Karl O'Connor and Tony Surgeon looking like horny replicants, is a notable combination of noise, militant fringe techno, and naughty boy rock & roll. The DVD of the performance will be released in mid-October, and will be accompanied by a compilation CD of all the collected tracks from the Downwards/Counterbalance 12"s the pair released during their years of operation.

Speaking to The Quietus last year, Regis said the following about the bash, intended as one final British Murder Boys blowout: "An odd thing happened - even though we had planned what we were doing I started feeling really light-headed, [and] Tony went mental. It was the first time ever I've seen Tony have a really really primal reaction. It was everything we'd ever wanted to do, distilled in one evening: it was commercial suicide, it was unsatisfactory to our fans, people loved it and hated it, they didn't know what they'd just seen. Afterwards it was quite funny, me and Tony got offstage and, like the cliché, hugged each other. We were emotionally drained, it was such an intense thing, absolute destruction, a night of wrongness."