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Baker's Dozen

F**king Pop Classics: Alan McGee's Favourite Albums
Alex Niven , July 7th, 2014 10:06

The former Creation Records, now 359 Music man charts his musical history from child of glam to record label boss with Alex Niven


Bob Dylan - Blood On The Tracks
Dylan I adore, and this is his best record. I think he got a warning around '65/'66 that if he kept singing songs like 'Masters Of War' he would have an accident, and I think that's really why he disappeared for a couple of years, I think he got a bit of a shock. And then he didn't make a great album until Blood On The Tracks. The demos to that album are better than the actual record. What's really incredible about that album is the singing. I've never yet worked out how the timing of that record goes, because the music's doing one thing, and the timing of the delivery is completely different. It doesn't make fucking mathematical sense. It's like he's coming in in the 89th minute of the football match to sing the fucking first line. It's mental. The timing about that record is the most insane thing about it. That album's got me through a lot of blue moments.