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Baker's Dozen

F**king Pop Classics: Alan McGee's Favourite Albums
Alex Niven , July 7th, 2014 10:06

The former Creation Records, now 359 Music man charts his musical history from child of glam to record label boss with Alex Niven


Syd Barrett - Barrett
I've actually got into Pink Floyd, even post-Barrett, because I love Dark Side Of The Moon. But the Barrett album has got 'Love Song', 'Baby Lemonade', 'Gigolo Aunt' - these are incredible songs. I'm friends with his nephew Ian actually, he makes jewellery and stuff like that: I sent him a copy of the book [Creation Stories: Riots, Raves And Running A Label] and he's going to make me a ring or something. Syd's another unbelievable British talent, a total maverick, and in the greater scheme of things, still pretty unheard of. Unlike Bowie, Syd Barrett's still an underground phenomenon, you've really got to be an aficionado to like Barrett. They just kept giving him the acid didn't they? And he went fucking mad.