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Laurie Tuffrey , July 2nd, 2014 13:40

Wuthering Heights gets put through the PEAKWAVE machine

Not too long ago, we reported the tragic passing of Akira The Don. But no! Cast aside your mourning garb, for it seems he's not dead! From what tQ can glean, he's been tractor beamed to the nether reaches of a distant galaxy, made one half of prolific production duo MIDNITEMEN and sat in front of their patented PEAKWAVE remix mechanisms. We've unscrambled one message sent Earthwards: "Somewhere beyond Σείριος... MIDNITEMEN listen intently to the music emitting from the various planets under their observation... those that interest them most are carefully examined and run through their PEAKWAVE systems. These altered musics they send back as messages, intended to announce their imminent arrival on Earth… "

We've already had a few transmissions back down Earthwards, all collected on their MIDNITE v Coachella mixtape, which saw everyone from Pet Shop Boys, Roxy Music and Motörhead to Chvrches, OutKast and Lana Del Rey getting run through their algorithms, and now it's recently-returned wutherer-in-chief Kate Bush's 'Wuthering Heights' that's piqued their interest. Fresh off the interstellar interwebs, listen to it above, download it over at their Facebook and head to their website for all things MIDNITEMEN. In their words: splash!