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Baker's Dozen

Flip Your Wig: Bob Mould's Favourite Albums
Nick Hutchings , June 18th, 2014 10:55

With his new, eleventh solo album Beauty & Ruin just released, the Hüsker Dü and Sugar man gives Nick Hutchings his top 13 records


Weezer - Weezer (Green Album)
How about one guilty pleasure? Weezer's Green Album - there's a band that really gets hit with the critic stick pretty hard. I know their fans are insane and they have these really crazy opinions about everything, but there's just something about that record that's super pop. 'Islands In The Sun', 'Hash Pipe' not so much, but it's more like 'Don't Let Go', 'Knock-down Drag-out', 'Simple Pages' - those mid-tempo, really heavy ones, like the ones that have the Copper Blue feel, and that's Ric Ocasek that produced that one, so it's got that super compressed modern everything-up-front sound, it's really cool. A pop record, nothing wrong with that, I don't think it's supposed to mean anything but pop music. Rivers Cuomo is a good songwriter, he has a good way of turning a phrase, he has a really fun riff on stuff.