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Baker's Dozen

Start The Riot! Alec Empire's Favourite Albums
Laurie Tuffrey , June 16th, 2014 07:50

Ahead of Atari Teenage Riot's set at Camden Crawl, the band's founder uses his rundown of favourite albums to issue a clarion call for creativity and puts together a three-hour mix of tracks from his top 13


Freddie Hubbard - Sing Me A Song Of Songmy
Yes - my favourite album. I have kept mentioning this for almost 20 years now, but I haven't read one article about Atari Teenage Riot or me where this gets a mention, no matter how often I talk about it.

When I read William S. Burroughs' The Electronic Revolution for the first time I tried to find records that could be linked to it.

People talk all this crap about mash-ups and how copyright is killing innovation and all the nonsense that Silicon Valley has come up with to take everything you produce with your mind and sell ads with it. Don't buy into it.

The problem is that the real debate is not happening anymore. YouTube mash-up trash has actually nothing to do with John Cage or amazing records like this, while 80s hip hop and early 90s rave music has! I spoke about DJing earlier on. What real DJs could do really well was to make connections where traditional musicians and record producers failed to see new music. Now think hard: what does DJing stand for now?

The image of a DJ in our age is mostly a man who is a slave to technology, stands there and is replaceable. We started to feel this trend in 1997 and when 1998 came we tried to find new words for what a DJ does; we were too early, the worst was about to come. The new anti-movement shouldn't think indie rock, just to resist all the stupidity - we need to move further than that. Check out this album, let it sink in, then join us.