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WATCH: Real Lies - North Circular
Laurie Tuffrey , June 5th, 2014 14:45

Electronic-pop trio's video for their paean to the A406

When we talked to Real Lies last year, the band's Kev Kharas gave us a comprehensive run-through of the sights you'd see travelling the titular road of their new video. "I feel like I'm more influenced by that road than any band that's existed in the last five years," he said. "The places you go past are places that don't declare themselves to be places, they're liminal. You go through the rich areas like Golder's Green, there's Hoo Hing, that massive Chinese food depot, the closed down Irish Times place, Wembley Stadium over here, A-Road pubs, the pub where the bikers congregate every Saturday and Sunday. There's a weird plastic surgery/dentist place on the Hanger Lane Gyratory, and you think if you rifled through their rubbish bins, what would you find? Jesus Christ! You'd find bits of humans. It's this weird corridor that takes you right from the Home Counties into the heart of London through every single zone of suburbia."

Now Joe Alexander's made an ace, small-hours video for the track, tracing a taxi ride's journey past "rave flyers" and past "suicide bridges", the concrete images of the A406's set side-by-side with personal revelation, "Always thought you were holding me back/ But turns out you were just holding me together". Take a look above, and watch out for the track's release as a AA-side single with 'Dab Housing' later this summer on Marathon Artists.