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Baker's Dozen

Roots Rock Riot: Benji Webbe Of Skindred's Favourite Albums
Dom Smith , May 27th, 2014 10:00

The alternative metallers' frontman gives Dom Smith his Baker's Dozen of top LPs ahead of a summer of festival sets in support of their new album, Kill The Power


Hugh Mundell – Blackman's Foundation
This goes back to when I was in my very early teens. My brothers got into all this reggae stuff. Anyway, I heard this story about a young guy who's been shot dead and his name was Hugh Mundell. I just thought to myself, "Why would they shoot this kid?" He's got his life ahead of him, and he's just recorded this album. I think I got into it after he was dead. It's just a sad story, when you listen to his voice on 'Time And Place' which is amazing, and the musicianship is incredible. And then I found out that the drummer from that album [Leroy 'Horsemouth' Wallace], and Bob Marley's drummer [Carlton Barrett] were close, and that Bob Marley was getting excited about touring with Hugh. I think a lot of people were getting really excited about him. So, there's a lot of sadness that comes with that album, and it's another one that I'll put on quite often. For me, it's not just about the songs on there, there's a lot of emotion. Knowing that story and listening to the record. I'm an emotional dude, and I get involved with the story as much as the music. That was definitely the case with Hugh Mundell, anyway. It haunts me.