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Baker's Dozen

Creation Of Worlds: Bok Bok Discusses 13 Favourite Albums
Rory Gibb , May 20th, 2014 03:40

Ahead of his new EP Your Charizmatic Self, the Night Slugs co-founder meets Rory Gibb to discuss thirteen favourite albums, from pioneering R&B production to grime's sonic brutalism and the blossoming influence of labelmate Jam City


Youngstar - The Catalogue Parts 1 & 2

This is like an iTunes thing, he did it a couple of years ago. To be honest 'Pulse X' would have been the selection, but this is actually cool 'cause it's an LP. They don't seem to work as an LP - I wouldn't sit there on my headphones listening to them - but every beat on there is a work of genius in some way. Simplistic, brutalist genius.

At the time all of that stuff [was being released] I was just picking up as many white labels as possible, and pretty much forgetting about all the other music I was listening to before that - it was just eclipsed for me. I got like that with both grime and dubstep for a while. I think it's 'cause it actually felt like a movement, you know. It actually felt like something was happening on our doorstep that was very exciting. It was hard not to get immersed.