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Baker's Dozen

Creation Of Worlds: Bok Bok Discusses 13 Favourite Albums
Rory Gibb , May 20th, 2014 03:40

Ahead of his new EP Your Charizmatic Self, the Night Slugs co-founder meets Rory Gibb to discuss thirteen favourite albums, from pioneering R&B production to grime's sonic brutalism and the blossoming influence of labelmate Jam City


Omar S - Fabric 45

I like pretty much everything Omar S has done, I don't think there's anything I really dislike. There's that track 'Blade Runner' that's a strong, strong favourite of mine, 'cause it's wrong, it's very grimey actually, he brings in orchestra stabs and stuff. It's one of those things where it's like 'What are you doing?' but actually it really works. He's great, I love him. I've only seen him DJ once, and it wasn't even a long set so I'm trying to change that, but the set was just so to my taste - the bits of melody he'd bring in were so considered and so sparse, and the drums just go hard, so raw. Kind of perfect. I like it when he does pop, too, I think he's really good at it. Like that 'Tonite' track with the MIDI sax, that was fucking sick - it sounds like T2, like bassline, that's how poppy it is. I'm just a big fan of his, I don't know how much I can say really, he's just a sick guy.