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Baker's Dozen

Immersion Through Disturbance: Clint Mansell's Favourite Film Soundtracks
Kiran Acharya , May 14th, 2014 11:46

The former Pop Will Eat Itself singer turned film score maestro tells Kiran Acharya about the 13 soundtracks that have inspired him most


Tangerine Dream - Risky Business
Tangerine Dream did great stuff in that period. The Miracle Mile soundtrack is brilliant as well. And Risky Business, obviously, is a Tom Cruise movie, a well known sort of teen flick, I suppose. But the music's really subversive, I think. It's trippy, makes you wonder if he's really hallucinating, is she really there… the music really brings in a whole level of psychedelia which isn't usually present in mainstream movies. They couldn't get away with that anymore, I don't think. Again, in A Field In England you've got the Blanck Mass track 'Chernobyl' that plays when all the stuff's going on in the tent, and then the guy comes out - it's just so fucking freaky. It's brilliant. It's quite Lynchian, and it's been ages since I've seen people do that. Psychedelic movies are in very short order at the moment.

That's why I like Aronofsky's films I suppose, because to me they're all psychedelic, they're all an experience. That's what I look for in films that I want to watch, and films that I want to score. Gaspar Noé is another example, with Enter The Void. It becomes a totally different kind of experience. I love it when something takes me by surprise, when people aren't concerned with what other people might think. People doing their own thing - I love that.