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This Is My Music: Dean Wareham's Favourite Albums
April Clare Welsh , May 12th, 2014 08:06

April Clare Welsh gets a rundown of the former Galaxie 500 frontman's all-time top 13 LPs before he comes to the UK to tour in support of his debut solo album next week


New Order - Movement
This first New Order album is the closest (in sound and in time) to Joy Division, and is still my favourite; the opener 'Dreams Never End' is glorious. Apparently that's just about the only song the band like - they were not getting along with producer Martin Hannett, who by all accounts was domineering and out of control. I think if a record is really unpleasant to make, then it can be hard for the musicians involved to ever enjoy it - you can only hear the pain that went into it. I've heard Peter Hook say the production wasn't good but I would beg to differ. I love the way the drums are recorded. Really it's a strange and modern-sounding record - at times it sounds like it was recorded on a spaceship - and still sounds modern thirty years later. You could argue that the very best New Order songs were those not initially released on their albums - 'Ceremony', 'Procession', 'Everything's Gone Green' and 'Temptation.' But the recent deluxe edition of Movement includes them all.