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Baker's Dozen

Untidy Selections: Mr. Scruff's Favourite Albums
The Quietus , May 8th, 2014 06:49

Ahead of his new album, Friendly Bacteria, out on Ninja Tune this month, the tea-loving master of the marathon DJ set pens us his own Baker's Dozen, picking the top 13 records out of his crate


Madness - Complete Madness
I was a massive Madness fan as a kid, and when my mum came back from visiting her parents in Longsight and brought back this, my first ever album, I was overjoyed! I then discovered my dad's original Prince Buster 7"s, which blew my tiny mind. I must have been nine at the time, and thought that I knew everything about music, and that what I liked was the best, and certainly better than my father's collection. Then I discovered that my favourite band had not only covered some old tunes that my dad had owned, but actually named themselves after one of Prince Buster's songs! I immediately realised that music was a deep and mysterious thing, and had a long history that stretched back way before my nine years.