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Baker's Dozen

Primary Colours: Faris Badwan Of The Horrors' Favourite Albums
Suzie McCracken , May 6th, 2014 08:15

With their new album Luminous released yesterday, The Horrors' frontman picks out some of his favourite (and, in fact, least favourite) illustrated covers in an artistic Baker's


Royal Trux - Accelerator
Royal Trux are a band I maybe got into four or five years ago. I think me liking them has a lot to do with just how good a guitar player Neil Hagerty is, but I like Royal Trux a lot more than any of the other bands he was in. It's just that feeling of when you're making music with the right person, a whole genre might evolve from it. They are completely unique and I think that he couldn't have done it without Jennifer Herrema - it could have only have ever been the two of them. That's what's so great about so many records I like... they often have a partnership of two people and their music couldn't have happened any other way.

I feel The Horrors are like that a bit because we've seen so many bands come and go in the ten years since we've been a band. It feels like such a lottery whether a band stays together or not. But, on the other side of that, for us it feels like we could never actually break up. I guess that's an odd thing to say. That's about as optimistic as I get, probably.