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Baker's Dozen

Primary Colours: Faris Badwan Of The Horrors' Favourite Albums
Suzie McCracken , May 6th, 2014 08:15

With their new album Luminous released yesterday, The Horrors' frontman picks out some of his favourite (and, in fact, least favourite) illustrated covers in an artistic Baker's


Melvins - Lysol
I suppose I always thought the Melvins were cool because they felt like a band that kind of came out of nowhere. They felt quite alien to me and I always like bands where it feels like the band are an alien product of a weird environment. It's like it was almost an accident that the band came about and made the record they made and that they weren't under any outside influence. When you hear about Can going to Cologne or living in some weird countryside village and making the kind of records they made, I think that kind of applies to Melvins as well. It's so warped. Although you can see how it came out of America, you can't as well. Because it seems like it's on another planet. I guess Josh would probably agree with a lot of the records on this list, he's into a lot of the stuff here and Melvins are one of his favourites. And I like anything that's got a hint of Black Sabbath in it really.