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Primary Colours: Faris Badwan Of The Horrors' Favourite Albums
Suzie McCracken , May 6th, 2014 08:15

With their new album Luminous released yesterday, The Horrors' frontman picks out some of his favourite (and, in fact, least favourite) illustrated covers in an artistic Baker's


The Ramones - Pleasant Dreams
The Ramones are quite a cartoon-friendly band and I thought they'd have more illustrated sleeves. Pleasant Dreams is always the album of theirs that gets overlooked even though it's got some great really poppy, bubblegum songs on it in the style for which they're known for. And it kind of looks like a Saul Bass cover. When I was a kid it was my favourite Ramones record, with songs like 'You Sound Like You're Sick'. Just brilliant. How many times can you say "this record's good" as a reason for liking it? I guess I've found there are two types of people: people who find a record, really love it, and don't want anyone else to hear it. Then there are other people that find a record, love it and are almost baffled as to why more people haven't heard it and make it their mission to spread it around. And I guess I'm the second type. Pleasant Dreams is one that I was sort of confused as to why it wasn't mentioned more.