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All You're Waiting For: Nancy Whang's Favourite Albums
Thomas Hasson , April 30th, 2014 10:08

With the first of her new singles series out on Gomma and an album from The Juan MacLean due this summer, the former LCD Soundsystem member and DJ talks Thomas Hasson through her all-time top records

Most famous for her role in LCD Soundsystem, Nancy Whang has in one way or another been part of the DFA team for the best part of a decade. A core member of James Murphy's band and now The Juan MacLean (whose new album, following a 12", 'Get Down With My Love', is due in the next few months) contributor to works by Shit Robot and Soulwax, Whang has just released covers of Dennis Parker's 'Like An Eagle' and Donna Summer's 'Working The Midnight Shift', the first in a series she'll be putting out with Gomma Records. Today however, she's on the phone with me to discuss her favourite albums.

Nostalgia and the memories attached to each record are usually what makes each of our favourite albums our favourite albums. It's what sets apart an album of undoubtedly high quality that you just like to one that you discovered with your best friend, the one you heard after a particularly tough break up, the ones that you love for more than just the sound produced when you press play. Nancy's choices are no different. They're attached to memories of the cassettes she listened to in her first car, the movies she loved, the relationships she's had and an unexpected love of the MiniDisc. She says: "Most of these albums are by artists that I've been listening to since I was young. I've lived with them in some way, I have a historical connection with them."

For full details of Nancy's cover singles series, head to Gomma's website. Click on her image below to begin scrolling through Nancy's choices