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Baker's Dozen

Chewed Corners: Mike Paradinas' Favourite Records
Joe Clay , April 28th, 2014 10:01

The pioneering electronic musician familiarly known as μ-Ziq, Planet Mu label founder and one half of Heterotic - who have just released their second album, Weird Drift - gives Joe Clay his potted biography in 13 top records


Various Artists - A Golden Hour Of Children's T.V. Favourites
This was the first music that I can remember being played in the house. We had a record player, but we didn't have a TV, so I knew these themes before I'd seen the programmes. I used to go round and watch TV at my grandma's. As I got older they repeated stuff and I realised that this record was very different to the actual themes and I figured out that it must have been done by library musicians. It was funky and weird, with a great reverb and synths all over it.

The only track that I can find online from the record is the Boards Of Canada version of the Sir Prancelot theme. They had the same album as me, and it was definitely an influence on them. Mike [Sandison, one half of BoC] told me this years ago, because they sent me demos when they were starting out. That Prancelot tune was on there and I noticed it was just ripped off this record that I had. All they've added is some ghostly voices over the middle eight.