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Baker's Dozen

Chewed Corners: Mike Paradinas' Favourite Records
Joe Clay , April 28th, 2014 10:01

The pioneering electronic musician familiarly known as μ-Ziq, Planet Mu label founder and one half of Heterotic - who have just released their second album, Weird Drift - gives Joe Clay his potted biography in 13 top records


Tom Dissevelt - 'Electronic Movements'
I'm not sure exactly when this was released. 1958 or '59? The one that I've got came out in 1962 and I got hold of it from my mum's friend. Her husband had died and left her all these records and she gave me these and I listened to that one and I thought, "Fucking hell, what is this, it sounds like Underground Resistance or something?!" At the time I didn't know anything about it, but I took it with me when I met Aphex and I played it to him; I played it to Mixmaster Morris when I first met him, so this would be about late '92, early '93, once I'd signed to Rephlex.

It's been re-released recently on Trunk Records, I think, with another track by Daphne Oram on the B-side. But at that time even Morris hadn't heard of it and no one else I knew had, so I put a credit to it on Tango N' Vectif, the first album I released. I did get someone contacting me from the Netherlands about it a year later, saying, "Oh this guy works at the university in Rotterdam." Rephlex tried to contact him to release it, but he wouldn't work with anyone who wasn't Dutch. He was a bit of a nationalist. I just thought it sounded cool; it sounded a bit like Aphex.