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Baker's Dozen

Chewed Corners: Mike Paradinas' Favourite Records
Joe Clay , April 28th, 2014 10:01

The pioneering electronic musician familiarly known as μ-Ziq, Planet Mu label founder and one half of Heterotic - who have just released their second album, Weird Drift - gives Joe Clay his potted biography in 13 top records


Various Artists - Retro Techno/Detroit Definitive
I got this record when I was at university in Kingston. I studied architecture. I met a whole load of people who were into rave music, whatever you want to call it, and so that was amazing. We had a night, I think Thursday nights at Knights Park we did a club in the refectory there, I've forgotten what it was called. There was a load of us that DJ'd there, mainly a guy called Martin because I couldn't mix very well at that point. I didn't have any decks or anything so I could never practice. But I learned to mix quite quickly. I was there for a couple of years but didn't finish my degree. But everything happened at that time really, musically in my life. Aphex Twin released his first record. He went to Kingston as well but he was in a different campus so I didn't really meet him. But yeah, at that time IDM and techno was starting to be made by British people.

I got into the Detroit stuff with that compilation which I think was 1991. Yeah, I went back and sort of tried to discover a lot of that material, Derrick May especially, I was quite obsessed with that R-Tyme track on there. So I got into all that and then started seeing records by Black Dog, ART records and Aphex Twin about.