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"Shy People Telling Small Stories, Quietly": Jeanie Finlay's Favourite Films
Adrian Lobb , April 24th, 2014 10:40

Jeanie Finlay, director of Sound It Out and The Great Hip Hop Hoax picks her favourite films, and talks about the final days of fundraising on her next documentary, Orion


Rushmore (1998, Wes Anderson)
I love this film so much. I watched Grand Budapest Hotel a few weeks ago and I got a Wes Anderson book of all his design. I love his detail, I love his centre framing – which is something I like to do – but I came out of Grand Budapest Hotel and was kind of like, that was okay. But Rushmore I love and enjoy every frame of. It is clever and funny, it has Bill Murray in it. I read recently about the relationship between Jason Schwartzman and Bill Murray's characters in the film and why they get on. And it is because Jason Schwartzman's character believes he has finally found an equal. I really like it; it is such a stylish and brilliant film, and the style helps tell the story. Schwartzman's character is quite unlikeable in lots of ways, he is a bit of a fuckwit, but you feel for him anyway. It makes me feel awkward watching it. And the music is great, he weaves a world. I have just come back from Russia, and I basically stayed in the Grand Budapest Hotel – but I want him to make Rushmore again.