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Baker's Dozen

Kjetil's On The Boil: Arabrot's Favourite 13 LPs
Luke Turner , April 8th, 2014 10:19

As we gear up for a mighty basting at Desertfest, Arabrot main man Kjetil Nernes talks us through his 13 favourite albums


Diamanda Galas - The Divine Punishment
For some reason my Baker's Dozen is all stamens, no pistil, and I am regretful of not having more than one female pick, but then again Diamanda Galas is in a class of her own. The Masque Of The Red Death trilogy [three albums exploring prejudice and myth around HIV] is mesmerizing in so many ways and any of the three albums could just as easily make it to the list. Its divine brutality in many ways reminiscent of Current 93's early records. This is a vile biblical monstrosity no Black Metal band will ever come near.