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WATCH: Film Inspired By The Body
Jamie Skey , April 7th, 2014 06:28

Desertfest metal traumatisers The Body are boys on film

Apocalyptic metal duo The Body are probably one of the most cinematic-sounding bands doing the rounds at the moment, their music at times functioning like a scene from an extreme horror flick, all creeping, unseen terror and existential crisis. Fittingly, their latest LP, the bleak, spectral I Shall Die Here (with the assistance of The Haxan Cloak) has been the inspiration for a short film directed by Jason Evans entitled At The Mercy Of It All. In this particular existential nightmare, an isolated, cabin-dwelling old man desperately faces impending memory loss while forced to confront a raging storm.

Commenting on the video, director Jason Evans said: "Listening to The Body's I Shall Die Here, I was pulled into this landscape that had been created; an incredibly visual account of death, tragedy and loss. I had this image of a man, his face covered in dirt, but his arms still moving and his eyes open. Body and soil."

He added: "The image reminded me of the kind of parallels artist Robert Smithson made between geological change and the fragility of the mind, which in turn gave me the emotional content of the film."

The video can be seen here:

The Body are playing at tQ's stage at Desertfest. Click here for the full line up and details of how to get tickets