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Baker's Dozen

Soul Searching: Lisa Stansfield's Favourite Albums
John Freeman , April 3rd, 2014 06:51

With the release of her first album in ten years, Lisa Stansfield talks to John Freeman about 13 albums that each occupies a little piece of her heart.


Gnarls Barkley - St. Elsewhere
I really loved Gnarls Barkley and I used to play it all the time in the year it came out – constantly. You know that thing where you play something so much that it gets on everyone's tits? I did that with St. Elsewhere. I loved their version of [Violent Femmes'] 'Gone Daddy Gone'. The album is so humorous and there is a very tongue-in-cheek element to it. It's taking the piss out of itself.

I loved that these two very different people – Cee Lo Green and Dangermouse – got together. They were basically producers and must have thought 'fuck it – let's make an album.' I love it when people do that – it's a bit like how Barry White started. Initially, he never wanted to be in the forefront. It's like eventually these producer-types cannot contain themselves any longer and I love that. Gnarls Barkley were a bit like that as they were just producers. I shouldn't say 'just' - producers are great. I'm married to someone who does a lot of producing.