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LISTEN: Leitmotif Preview Playlist
The Quietus , April 2nd, 2014 19:56

Ahead of Friday night's 20 Years Of Downwards doofer at Corsica Studios, Regis, Daniel Miller, Cut Hands, Veronica Vasicka, Helena Hauff and more pick tunes for a Quietus preview playlist

This Friday sees the launch a new club night in the dark and dirty place of our noisy pilgrimage that is Corsica Studios. Leitmotif is brought to you by the good people of BleeD, who have given The Quietus some killer nights out over the past few years, and the first installment is a celebration of 20 Years Of Downwards, the Birmingham label that has been home to Regis, Surgeon and, more recently, a host of excellent clattering, droning bleakness from the likes of Talker and Oake, who will be playing on the night. Also on the bill are William Bennett's Cut Hands, Mr Regis himself, Mute's Daniel Miller, Minimal Wave's Veronica Vasicka, the brilliant Helena Hauff (who played one of the DJ sets LT saw last year), Patrick O'Neill of Mute's Liberation Technologies, Andrew Thomson, and Volte-Face. These musicians and DJs have kindly made selections to whet whistles and loosen limbs and give a nervous shudder of anticipation of some angst-music-for-sex-people saucy vibes on Friday night. Tickets can, as ever, be purchased form the good people of Resident Advisor here. Me and my baby gonna touch that leather...

Regis picks Soft Cell - 'Memorabilia'

"It's pretty much the first techno record really, Daniel Miller's production was light years ahead of anyone else in this. I might do a Rusty Egan on the night and to a 30 min mix if it ... Possibly" - Karl O'Connor

Cut Hands picks Fishermen - 'Serpents'

"I am currently working on an insane flailing Cut Hands remix for this new track by Fishermen, pretty much in keeping with how 4/4/14 Corsica's gonna be. Can't wait." - William Bennett

Daniel Miller picks Faust - 'Why Don't You Eat Carrots'

"The beginning of the destruction of the past." - Daniel Miller

Veronica Vasicka picks An-i - 'Kino i (Dub)'

"An-i is Lee Douglas's alias. I've been playing a bunch of his tracks recently during my sets, this one I also released as a 12" on Cititrax. It's got such power on the dancefloor that you find people wondering to themselves 'can this get any crazier?'. It just works so well and makes people lose it every time." - Veronica Vasicka

Helena Hauff picks Klangwerk - 'Und Weiter Geht's'

"Im Namen der Krone ergeht folgendes Urteil: Der Angeklagte [...] wird wegen Mordes zu lebenslangem Zuchthaus verurteilt. Das Gericht hat jedoch beschlossen, aufgrund  des ärztlichen Gutachtens [...] und den darauf fußenden Gründen der Verteidigung, die Zuchthausstrafe auszusetzen und den Angeklagten, wegen seiner völligen Unzurechnungsfaehigkeit, unbefristet in eine Heilanstalt einzuweisen. "Ich bin unschuldig... Ich bin unschuldig... Ich bin unschuldig...“

"In the name of the crown we give the following judgment: The accused [...] having committed murder, should be sentenced to life imprisonment. "However, the court has decided that due to the medical assessment [...] that the defence was based upon, the gaol sentence will be suspended and the accused will be, by reason of his insanity, detained in a mental institution at her Majesty's pleasure. "I'm innocent... I'm innocent... I'm innocent..."

OAKE pick Oneirogen - 'Excoriate'

"I think we were introduced to Oneirogen's music for the first time during CTM Festival in 2013 - by missing his show and having our friends telling us how mind-blowing it was. The next day I ordered all his available releases and we both fell in love with the intense and mostly beat-less sound of his compositions. There is one track in our live show, which is - now that I think about it - highly influenced by him. This is one of my favourite tracks to play live, too." - Oake

Patrick O'Neill of Liberation Technologies picks Bjork - 'Amergris March'

"A friend played this to me recently and it really blew me away. Firstly because there was Bjork music that I wasn't aware of, secondly because it is a stunning piece of music." - Patrick O'Neill

Andrew Thomson of Huntleys & Palmers picks Nurse With Wound + Stereolab - 'Simple Headphone Mind'

"Despite being a NWW fan for a good few years, I've only just discovered this motorik gem in recent months and it's been a staple warm up track ever since. Nothing not to like here." - Andrew Thomson

Volte-Face picks Antonym - 'Consumer Device'

"A favourite from the recent 20 Years Of Downwards compilation that sounds like hyenas stalking a building site at dawn. It's an honour and a privilege to be launching our new Leitmotif series with the involvement of such a crucial label"