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Baker's Dozen

Remember That, Fucko: Hey Colossus' Favourite Albums
The Quietus , March 25th, 2014 07:55

With their set at Desertfest on the horizon, we asked the seven-piece to do the mathematically awkward and pick 13 favourite albums between them. Here's what they sent back

Arguably, in hindsight, the most influential album in my life is the Best Of 10 CC. It was always on in the car in the days when I had to sit on the back seat, before my lankiness promoted me to the front seat and within reach of the cassette player. 'Rubber Bullets' is the best tune from Manchester: "It's a shame these slugs ain't real..." - INDEED. And if I hear it now it sends me tumbling back to the rear of the blue Metro (REG: A754 RPP; you always remember the registration numbers of your family's early cars, right?? RIGHT?), freakishly long legs wrapped up around my ears, dad not going above 29 MPH, brother and I exchanging punches, etc.

Picking 13 albums between seven people doesn't work. Not even two each. Favourite or influential, 10 CC didn't make the cut.

-- Joe Thompson, Hey Colossus

Hey Colossus' latest album Cuckoo Live Life Like Cuckoo is out now via MIE Music; get hold of it here. They play Desertfest on April 26; head here for full details and tickets. Click on the image below to begin scrolling through the band's choices