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LISTEN: The ERC Remix Fat Whites
Laurie Tuffrey , March 11th, 2014 06:57

The Eccentronic Research Council give Touch The Leather the "Indonesian Moog-pop track from 1971" treatment

Woah! What a mighty coming together of two of the bands the Quietus holds closest to our dear hearts! Adrian Flanagan, one half of Sheffield's finest electro-scrimshanks the Eccentronic Research Council has been in touch to tell us that they have "de-mixed" their "fellow Outsiders and Comrades" the Fat White Family's new single - have a listen to 'Touch The Leather ---- Cock Of The North - Demix' below.

Says Flanagan: "I met the Fat Whites properly a month or so ago when Saul from the band invited me to their palaver in Sheffield. They'd not slept for three days and on arrival in Sheffield they had some bloke who resembled the leader of the Baldies from the film The Warriors threatening to throw an Ikea pouffe at them [laughs] - what sort of person threatens to hit someone with a leather pouffe?? Anyway, the FWF countered this 'loving welcome' with naked piggybacks and with using a fire extinguisher as a smoke machine, while playing sweet sweet devil music.

"After the show, they made me an offer I couldn't understand and I found myself bundled into a van to their next show in Manchester... and then to their London show, where I ended up being their pre-show disc jockey; I'm not even a DJ. Now people in Sheffield won't talk to me anymore, something about my new mates not liking the Monkeys or something? I think Peter Tork is alright though... Quite a humble fella and in no way, a massive cock.

"Meanwhile, just yesterday, in between flower arranging for the Mecca Bingo Old Dears Club and a round of crazy golf, Dean Honer (from The ERC) and I set about the mighty 'Touch The Leather', re-imagining it as an Indonesian Moog-pop track from 1971, produced by Bruce Haack and remixed using a Ouija board by Joe Meek. Sounds alright."

The ERC's excellent second album, Magpie Billy & The Egg That Yolked (A Study Of The Northern Ape In Love), recorded with Maxine Peake, is out now - get hold of it here - and make sure you read Adrian Flanagan's equally fine self-penned Baker's Dozen here.