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Baker's Dozen

"The Spirit": Mike Watt Of The Missingmen's Favourite Albums
John Calvert , March 6th, 2014 10:13

Currently in the middle of a European tour, the Minutemen, Dos and Firehose founder pares down his record collection to give John Calvert his thirteen all-time top LPs


Blue Öyster Cult - Tyranny And Mutation
I mean we only liked them up until after Secret Treaties, but we saw B.O.C more times than any other band. I think it was like 13 times. 

Blue Öyster Cult was the hardest music that we could copy off a record. It had more parts than Creedence, or even Mott The Hoople or Alice Cooper. So as a consequence, D. Boon's guitar style is this weird mixture of John Fogerty and Buck Dharma [Blue Öyster Cult's frontman/lead guitarist]. Oh, and he loved Eric Bloom too [Blue Öyster Cult's rhythm guitarist]. That's how D. Boon got his name, from Bloom, cause it said on their records' sleeve notes that Bloom played "stun guitar" and D. Boon loved that. You sent away for the words and they'd send them back on this computer print-out paper, and they didn't go line by line - they were all jumbled in together, like Wire did too. We liked this kinda stuff, man – it made it personable.

Later, we find out these guys are, like, "this big". I played with them last month – I got to play 'The Red & The Black' with them after 35 years of playing it, and they wanted me to get up with them on stage, but these guys come up to here on me [stands up and puts his hand to his hip]! It looked so fuckin' weird. And Buck Dharma comes up to me and he's like [assumes a Long Island-esque drawl] ''OK Watt, we're stahrtin' with E and den movin' to D… but prahbably don't play it as fahst as yoo doo" [laughs].