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Baker's Dozen

Lust For Music: Irvine Welsh's Favourite Albums
Joe Clay , March 4th, 2014 06:05

With Filth recently released on DVD and a new novel due later this year, the Edinburgh author places a long-distance call from Miami to give Joe Clay the rundown of his top albums


Rory Gallagher – Deuce
There were a couple of older guys who I really looked up to who were in a band. They were my heroes and role models and they just about tolerated me. I got a lot from them in terms of music. One of the albums that they were into that I really liked – and I'm not a big fan of that kind of stuff – was Rory Gallagher's Deuce. It evokes a time and place for me. It could be described as progressive rock and there was that snobby thing about people that were into progressive that you couldn't say you liked progressive music, without saying "man" at the end of it. I went through that pompous stage where you want to be apart from the rest of your classmates and show that you're a serious appreciator of music, not just pop and the stuff that's on Top Of The Pops. And Deuce was me moving into that very, very pompous phase. And because I was hanging out with these guys I was interested in getting band together myself. I was quite unbearable really.