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Sonic Cinematography: Neneh Cherry's Favourite Albums
Helen King , February 27th, 2014 05:30

Following the release of her new album Blank Project and ahead of shows at Field Day and Sonar Barcelona, Neneh Cherry talks Helen King through her all-time top LPs


Virgin Souls – 162
162 was an album released on London Records that Cameron [McVey, Cherry's husband] made with Paul Simm, Silvio Pacini and Neil Pearson, who have this band collective, Virgin Souls. It's an amazing record. The songs are just so beautiful. It was an album that came out and just disappeared, and I've always been saying: "You gotta re-release it, you've gotta do something with it".

To me, it still sounds as good as it ever did. I really celebrated it, as have a lot of people around who are friends of Cam's, because he's played a big part in everything. He's an amazing songwriter, and he's had a lot of influence on a lot of things where maybe he hasn't got the credit he was due, you know, Massive Attack's Blue Lines, Portishead; not in terms of Massive Attack being Massive Attack, but in terms of things being able to happen. For me it makes 162 really important, and it's something I'm really glad happened.

There is no way I would have made Raw Like Sushi if I hadn't met Cameron, or Judy Blame. It just wouldn't have happened.