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LISTEN: The ERC's Anti-Valentine Mixtape
Laurie Tuffrey , February 14th, 2014 11:06

Following yesterday's Baker's Dozen, The Eccentronic Research Council have put together Music For Dead Lovers, a mix to celebrate "chuffin' VALENTINE'S DAY..."

The Eccentronic Research Council, whose Adrian Flanagan penned us one of the finest Baker's Dozens we've yet had yesterday, are nothing if not a seasonally astute band and have put together a mix to celebrate Valentine's Day, or rather 'The Anti Valentine - Music For Dead Lovers Mix Tape', and have kindly given it to us for a listen.

Says Flanagan: "This mixtape is a little something I knocked up on the wax cylinder player. It features artists from many genres and times, those who reside on the outer echelons of musical society, mostly unlovable, awkward, misshapen and belonging to nobody. This sonic experiment in music and sound was created in order to desensitise the listeners and destroy their faux 'sexeh' or 'romantic' bone, before they fall head first in to suckerdom... That forced celebration of love and copulation, that sickening day where people on buses write daft last minute rhymes on cards like "you and me, up a tree, trying hard to make it 3" whilst eyeing up some OTHER hottie, who steal flowers from cemeteries (as the alternative is too crushing on their wallets) and the restaurants are filled with people who on the whole want to kill one another... yep, chuffin' VALENTINES DAY... This mix is for all those who oppose this annual 'kissy-wissy-lame-erection-scam' and for those whose number one love is music, freedom and expression. I'm not totally stupid though - hopefully this will lead to you having a free and open relationship with us; no strings, just eargasms. Other than that I hope all your male and female bits FALL OFF."