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Baker's Dozen

Main F**king Event: Adrian Flanagan Of The ERC's Favourite LPs
Laurie Tuffrey , February 13th, 2014 08:36

In the week of release for their second album, one of The Eccentronic Research Council's musical maestros writes us an "autobiographical chronological" journey through his life in listening


Various - Wrestling Rocks
They've put out a load of great records, Rhino, stuff like Barnes & Barnes (check out their song ‘Fish Heads’), The Temple City Kazoo Orchestra (see YouTube), the kind of daft stuff you'd hear on the Dr. Demento radio shows… A mate gave me this Wrestling Rocks compilation years ago, which I love. It's an album made up of macho, opponent-taunting singles made by genuine wrestlers from the 70s and 80s. Stuff like the very brilliant track 'Pencil Neck Geek' by Fred Blassie, it’s a spaghetti country ‘n' western track with whistling on it, with a great monologue about some dude Blassie has to fight, who was born a “scum sucking pencil neck geek". It's hilarious.

As you can imagine from an album featuring a bunch of big blokes who spend a lot of time running about in their undercrackers, there's loads of really camp tracks on it. None more so than the brilliant 'Imagine What I Could Do To You’ by the “Exotic” Adrian Street, who was this outlandish, cross-dressing son of a miner from a small village in Wales. He's like the New York Dolls of wrestling. Jeremy Deller recently made a short documentary about him, which is well worth seeing if you get the chance.