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Perfect Calibrations: Simon Raymonde's Favourite Albums
Colm McAuliffe , February 6th, 2014 09:02

Following the release of his new album with Snowbird, the former Cocteau Twins man and Bella Union boss gives us his rundown of his all-time (on this given day) favourite records


Orange Juice – You Can't Hide Your Love Forever
This feels like a late seventies record rather than an album from 1982. I had loved all the early Postcard singles but it's the first incarnation of Orange Juice - all their line-ups were interesting and good, in fact, Zeke Manyika was my neighbour at one point. I loved all of Orange Juice's records to be honest and have always been a major fan of Edwyn Collins, he's still an amazing songwriter. His wife and son are legends, a lovely family. We used to hang out with them in the day, he's a thoughtful, sensitive, brilliant man. This record is slight but it's great fun and still sounds really fresh today. I don't think it gets as much credit as it should do. They had made the label change to Polydor but it doesn't sound like a major label record to me. It does sound naive and I think people used to say to me they were fairly fey and unimportant but I don't think so, the record is really important in post punk music, just as important to me as Wire's 154 but different, more of a pop record. And their influences were totally different: The Byrds, Beatles, more pop things, and a lot of soul thrown in there too.