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Baker's Dozen

Effort For Effortlessness: Neil Finn's Favourite Albums
Barnaby Smith , January 30th, 2014 07:32

Ahead of his forthcoming solo album Dizzy Heights, the Crowded House man talks Barnaby Smith through his 13 favourite records


The Beatles – Beatles For Sale
This is the first album I remember becoming pretty obsessed with. At the time I was only seven or something and I played that record over and over again. We got other Beatles albums after that and I could have chosen a few of them, like the White Album, that were really big albums for me, but this album was just fantastic. I can play most of the songs on that record on guitar. And even though Rubber Soul and Revolver, which came soon afterwards, were heralded far more and introduced their more artistic side, for just songs alone that album has some absolute screamers on it: 'Baby's In Black', 'I'm A Loser', 'Eight Days A Week' - really amazing songs.

It's also the album with 'Words Of Love' on it, which you performed with Paul Kelly during your shows at Sydney Opera House earlier this year.

It is yeah, although I didn't even know it was a Buddy Holly song [when I was seven]. Whenever I think of that I think of it as a Beatles song.