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Baker's Dozen

Effort For Effortlessness: Neil Finn's Favourite Albums
Barnaby Smith , January 30th, 2014 07:32

Ahead of his forthcoming solo album Dizzy Heights, the Crowded House man talks Barnaby Smith through his 13 favourite records


The Phoenix Foundation - Buffalo
I think The Phoenix Foundation have been making great records for quite a number of years, and they work incredibly hard on becoming a better band. Funnily enough, this record, or maybe the one before, was listed by genre on iTunes as 'Holiday', which I thought was significant, because it has a dreamy vibe and it does put your mind into a more relaxed state.

I guess I did want to include a few things that originate from back home where I choose to live, that have a sense of New Zealandness, but this record has travelled well too, people like them in the UK. I know them and they're good guys, really serious musicians with good senses of humour, and they like their words too, so I wanted to give them a nod.