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Second Helpings: Neil Arthur Of Blancmange's Favourite Albums
Mic Wright , January 21st, 2014 06:02

Following his revisit to the synth pop duo's debut album Happy Families last year, Neil Arthur looks back over 13 other top albums from his past


Roxy Music - Roxy Music
I bought the album on my 14th birthday. It was the first album I bought, the day after release. Went down to the record shop in Blackburn. The fashion shop opposite was called Clobber. We bought our gear there. I bought Roxy Music and it was the first album I'd ever heard that took me to another place. It was the coolest thing. I didn't think I could be cool because I had curly hair - I looked like a King Charles spaniel. Eno with his boa and making those sounds on his synth; I'd never heard anything like it.

I went down to a club called the Lodestar near me and met kindred spirits. I used to pound the speakers during the Battle of Britain medley ['The Bob (Medley)']. If you panned to the left you could hear him speaking. When it came on and you heard that crowd chatter, I was thinking, "I want to be in that". I got shirts and ties and started to wear pleated trousers.

There was a place in Manchester called Pips that had a Roxy room. I had the funniest haircut on my membership card. I've still got the original album. It's in front of me at the moment. The pictures of them are incredible. I traced over the picture of Eno and did a drawing of it. I did drawings of my heroes. Paul Thompson [Roxy Music drummer] had a tiger on his shoulder.

The great thing about it was because my parents were so horrified. My mum particularly thought Ferry was terrifying. He's the man for me!