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Baker's Dozen

Only Heaven: Franz Treichler Of The Young Gods' Favourite Albums
John Mullen , January 16th, 2014 10:29

The Swiss industrial trio's frontman gives John Mullen a whistle-stop tour of his favourite 13 records


The Beatles - Abbey Road
Abbey Road for me is a classic – I would say 'Come Together' is one of my top three songs ever. Abbey Road is sometimes pompous, but it's still fantastic – you feel all this energy that they had to put together to do something positive at the time. I think it's a masterpiece.

Did you have the Lennon versus McCartney debate growing up in Switzerland?

I follow more what Lennon did after the Beatles than McCartney – but those guys just go well together. It's a typical example of the power of a band – having two or three or four heads, challenging themselves always, brings out the best in you. One plus one equals three! I would mention Ringo also. It's very important to have a tempering influence. They were lucky to have him - the alchemy of a band is something very strong, but also very fragile.