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Baker's Dozen

Only Heaven: Franz Treichler Of The Young Gods' Favourite Albums
John Mullen , January 16th, 2014 10:29

The Swiss industrial trio's frontman gives John Mullen a whistle-stop tour of his favourite 13 records


Monolake – Cinemascope
Monolake is Robert Henke, who makes beautiful music. He's the guy who co-created this software, Ableton Live, which everybody uses in electronic music now. He's a thinking person.

I listen to this record a lot at home – I don't listen to hard stuff at home, though I play hard! At home I like to experience creativity, and there's a lot of room in what he does – we could call it 'sound architecture'. We always claimed we were sound architects when we first started, because of the sampling thing, and the impact of the dynamics and the different colours we put in a song we've sampled. And Monolake is the same – it takes you behind these columns of sound, this space. There is space in Young Gods records – silence is part of our music.