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Baker's Dozen

Only Heaven: Franz Treichler Of The Young Gods' Favourite Albums
John Mullen , January 16th, 2014 10:29

The Swiss industrial trio's frontman gives John Mullen a whistle-stop tour of his favourite 13 records


The Ruts - The Crack
You really love The Ruts (The Young Gods sample them on their first album), but they're a band that've been mostly written out of punk history…

That's a pity. I liked the punk movement a lot – I could've mentioned the Pistols, say. But I liked The Ruts because they were a bit more technical, a bit more talented, all of them were very, very good musicians. And they had this incredibly musical singer, Malcolm Owen. They had this fucking strength, they were really tight – they were not taking lessons from anyone, they were just playing. Because I was a guitar player before I joined the Young Gods, I was impressed by the guitar sounds. Always the right note at the right moment, good riffs, the right solo – no big demonstrations, just really brilliant.