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Baker's Dozen

Only Heaven: Franz Treichler Of The Young Gods' Favourite Albums
John Mullen , January 16th, 2014 10:29

The Swiss industrial trio's frontman gives John Mullen a whistle-stop tour of his favourite 13 records


Miles Davis – Agharta
People say Bitches Brew was the turning point, but when I discovered Agharta I preferred it. I think it's dirtier. I like Pete Cosey on guitar, and the way the music would stop and start. It's got a real groove – it's got these Hendrix influences in it. You can hear him trying to break away from his past jazz history, to discover new territories. It's very intense, but that's why I like it. Sometimes I play this record when I DJ. People don't understand what's happening at first, but they get into it. It's really cool.