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Baker's Dozen

Blissful Resonance: Brian DeGraw Of Gang Gang Dance's Favourite Albums
Tristan Bath , January 14th, 2014 06:16

With Brian DeGraw's debut solo album as bEEdEEgEE released last month, the Gang Gang Dance founder member speaks to Tristan Bath about thirteen of his favourite albums, from Scott Walker and Pharaoh Sanders to Burial and Public Enemy


Pharaoh Sanders - Karma

'The Creator Has A Master Plan' is definitely in my top ten songs of all time. The dynamics of the journey when listening to this are vast. I tend to like things that evolve from bliss into chaos and back again, and this track does that for me to such intensity that, while it is indeed one of my all-time favourites, I find it difficult to be in the right environment and frame of mind to listen to it. I suppose it's a bit like dedicating yourself to a DMT trip or something. You have to be ready for it and open to it in order to really benefit from what it has to offer, because it will crack open your head and heart in ways that require a certain commitment to the experience. This is time traveling music… ultimate music from a pure place.