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Baker's Dozen

Oh L'Amour: Vince Clarke Of Erasure's Favourite Albums
Luke Turner , December 19th, 2013 07:43

In a festive special Baker's, Vince Clarke follows Erasure's Snow Globe album by picking out the 13 LPs that mean the most to him


Kraftwerk - Computer World
I think it's their most pop record, it's got three or four minute tunes. I'm really into pop music... I've got all of their albums, but this one is almost like a best of. I saw them perform it live twice, years and years ago, in south London and Leicester. The first time I heard Kraftwerk was when 'The Model' came out, that was a riff that everybody could play, so that's what we played [laughs]. Obviously all bands start the same way, they don't play their own stuff, they're trying to play like other people, and 'The Model' is a really simple song to play. I'm sure there is a tape of me playing it somewhere out there, I don't know. Perhaps someone will do an impersonation of me doing it.