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Baker's Dozen

Aides-Memoires: Ben UFO Selects 13 Favourite Records
Rory Gibb , December 4th, 2013 05:35

Ahead of Hessle Audio's three-room takeover of Fabric this Friday, the DJ and Hessle Audio co-founder rifles through his record collection and discusses thirteen particular favourites with Rory Gibb


Toasty - 'Like Sun'

It was 2005 that I discovered dubstep. I got into it more gradually than most of the music we've talked about so far, because there was a lot of music around in 2005 that shared a lot aesthetically with the drum & bass I was into - sub-heavy stuff, drum-led stuff, conventionally melodic stuff as well. People like Toasty, and the stuff that was coming out on Hotflush at the time, had a lot in common with the kind of drum & bass I was into. [Toasty's] 'The Knowledge' was in the first batch of dubstep records I ever bought. 'Like Sun' was the side I was really into. Whilst it was this stuff that was the jumping off point for me, going to FWD>> for the first time and hearing the music loud, was when the more stripped back stuff that I didn't quite grasp at home suddenly made sense to me.