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Baker's Dozen

Aides-Memoires: Ben UFO Selects 13 Favourite Records
Rory Gibb , December 4th, 2013 05:35

Ahead of Hessle Audio's three-room takeover of Fabric this Friday, the DJ and Hessle Audio co-founder rifles through his record collection and discusses thirteen particular favourites with Rory Gibb


Slava Tsukerman, Brenda Hutchinson & Clive Smith - Liquid Sky - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

I heard about this record through Kode9 - I was talking to him about the Jam City record, and he was saying it really reminded him of the soundtrack to this film. I still haven't seen the film, but the soundtrack's mad. It's so stark. When was it made? 1983. It doesn't exactly sound modern in the same way that Classical Curves very much does, but there's a shared aesthetic. This is a good example of someone else steering me towards a record and talking about it in relation to something else, and that really affecting the way I heard both records. It happens all the time. I got this record and stuck it on, and immediately heard the Jam City record in a different way. It's so removed from... it's not about scene dynamics or anything, you know. Even the visual aesthetic of the film, from what I can make out, seems quite in keeping.

I like the idea of hearing interesting soundtracks without seeing the film. You've got the track titles - like 'Aliens Theme 1', 'Margaret's Apartment', 'Fashion Show', 'The Way The Alien Kills'... you can kind of piece together a narrative from that.