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Yohann Koshy , December 4th, 2013 06:57

The rock lensman and writer talks us through a selection of images, including shots of Sun Ra, My Bloody Valentine and George Clinton, from his recently launched website Poison


Butthole Surfers
After their return to Austin from Athens, GA, where they allegedly stalked R.E.M., the Butthole Surfers bid me welcome into their house sometime in 1986. In their kitchen, I found a wind-powered turntable and in the living room, several yards of parachute silk. Singer Gibson Haynes was wearing a Mr. Bubble t-shirt, and he or someone else handed me a beer, but nothing stronger, because the band preferred me to be coherent enough to make a picture. To get into that special mood, they turned on their smoke machine and a strobe light. Then they began to lurch and loom at me. I escaped with this image, but it’s not easy to print: to the naked eye, the negative is black as coal.