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WATCH: Bad Guys - Witness A New Low
Laurie Tuffrey , November 14th, 2013 12:38


London scuzz rockers par excellence Bad Guys earlier this year released their self-titled debut album via Riot Season Records (head to the label's website to get hold of the record, available on vinyl and download). At the time, we marked the occasion by sending tQ film editor Mat Colegate out on a clay pigeon shooting trip with them, a venture which we can only hope started something like the opening frames of the band's new video for 'Witness A New Low', which makes a strong bid for, oh yes, Music Video Of The Year. It includes, but is not limited to, woodworking, smoking in the shower, bonfires, hard rocking, a twin-neck guitar solo played in space, making cats run away from cars, an explosion, an explosion followed by a man walking through a door, a Mercedes saloon driving in space, mountaintop portals, Satanic incantations and goats. What you're currently doing is unlikely to be better than watching this video - remedy that above.

Say the band of the video: "Behold this video we done. Part morality tale, part not morality tale (the second half), this music film is completely dense. Densely packed with metaphor, allegory, human emotion, lack of human emotion, and inter-dimensional Mercedes travelling that is. Guitars, girls, hand tools, power tools, fucking boooze. A shower. Some ass. Check out all the shots in this thing! All edited together into a cohesive whole. Got some mise en scene in there as well. Yeah mate but does it have effects? Too right it's got effects mate. It's even got some special effects (SFX) chucked in. SFX, VFX, CGI, the lot. F/X2 The Deadly Art of Illusion. Some of this shit is only real on the screen. That's just the modern world we live in though isn't it? Truth, lies, real life fairytales and nightmares my friend... who can be sure of anything these days? Narrative arcs? Narrative foam more like, and we're all at sea in a fucking storm, fishing for answers, trying to catch some reality. We've gone totally tubular. There's a global information war going on all around us and who's going to be your guide through the micro-deceptions we face in the minutiae of the quotidian? A fucking misogynist dandy clown? A conspiracist rantman? Peep Show nob? The fucking Beeb? Might as well start a band and fly into space mate. We might not have the answers, but we have a good time. Listen right, just be nice to each other and stay away from the lizards. All our love, Bad Guys."