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DOWNLOAD: Fennesz Remixes Jensen Sportag
Laurie Tuffrey , November 12th, 2013 11:12

Rework of Rain Code from Nashville duo's debut album, out today

Nashville duo Jensen Sportag release their debut album Stealth Of Days today, out via Cascine. They've been plying their R&B-tinged electronic pop for a few years now (as well as a brilliant if bonkers back story - from the press release: "Jensen Sportag is a MAN from Copenhagen, Denmark. Jensen Sportag is also a two-man electronic BAND from Nashville. Jensen Sportag the MAN, an ex-tennis pro-cum-avant-garde composer, has an outstanding ability to visualize and illustrate complex musical arrangements in the form of MIDI notation. Benji Craig and Austin Wilkinson, who comprise Jensen Sportag the BAND, exercise the endurance to decode and construct the maddeningly circuitous arrangements." What next? Disclosure are merely the knob-twiddling conduits for John McEnroe's fine-tuned UK garage algorithm? Actually...), but after a number of EPs and a very limited edition debut LP from 2006, this is their first full-length proper, as it were.

To mark the release, they've enlisted Fennesz to remix the album opener 'Rain Code', and we've got a first play of the result. It focusses in on the glitchy shards of synth that form the track's core, having them cycle over while hazy guitar chords and vague echoes of the vocals stretch out over the top, mounting up to a glorious, colliding crescendo of indistinct, stuttering sonic matter - have a listen below: