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Baker's Dozen

Post Global Music: David Pajo's Favourite Albums
Noel Baker , November 12th, 2013 08:13

Ahead of the reunited Slint playing shows this month and next, the hyper-prolific multi-instrumentalist hones his record collection down to a top 13


Big Black - Atomizer
Another life-altering record for me. The guitar sounds are almost like Joy Division, but way colder, sharper, angular, extreme and raging. There was nothing like them before or since. They were incredibly entertaining live. Slint opened for them once, in 1986 maybe? But they always sounded awful. Steve [Albini] was unashamed about not giving a shit what the live sound was like. But I would never miss a Big Black show when I had the chance. Steve was hilarious and scary and you never knew if he was going to throw a brick of firecrackers at you! I was a massive fan for a very long time.