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Rory Gibb , November 7th, 2013 07:56

Stream the latest transmission from the Brighton-based tape-manipulator's home studio, the Outer Alsatian EP

WANDA GROUP, aka Brighton-based Louis Johnstone, has been responsible for some of the year's most involving abstract music, releasing the exquisitely decayed Piss Fell Out Like Sunlight at 2013's beginning via Opal Tapes, and more recently the similarly quietly moving Masculinity Is A Wonderful Thing EP. His music possesses a striking emotional power considering its low-key, sparse nature, all slow-shifting curtains of tape crackle, instrument jack buzz, feedback and hazy, almost-not-there-at-all melodies. Now he's releasing a new EP OUTER ALSATIAN via Gold Panda's Notown label, which is out now to buy digitally (you can get it from here), and will be released on vinyl 12" on November 25th. But in the meantime, we're pleased to be able to offer you a full stream of the EP, which gathers together two gorgeous, slow-moving compositions - listen via the embed below.

In an interview with the Quietus's Matthew Kent earlier this year, he explained the theme of the new EP in the typically eye-scrambling all-caps style he's become known for: "BASICALLY MY NEXT RECORD IS ABOUT MY TWO DEAD ALSATIAN DOGS LIVING IN A NEW WORLD. I TOOK THAT IDEA AND EXPLORED IT. IT'S ALL VERY 'UP YOUR OWN ARSE' TYPE STUFF ... I AM NOT REALLY SURE WHAT IT SOUNDS LIKE. IT HAS A LOT OF CHANGES AND IT DOESNT REALLY DO THAT MUCH, BUT IT MEANS QUITE A BIT TO ME. I THOUGHT ABOUT THESE TWO WONDERFUL DOGS AS I CREATED IT. IT WOULD BE NICE TO SOMEHOW RUB THEIR ASHES INSIDE EACH PRESSING OF THE RECORD." The full interview, which is by turns funny, witty and insightful, can be read here.